What I Do

I arise early each morning, when I am not on the road; journal, meditate, walk the dogs with my neighbor and then bicycle. Bicycling is where song ideas and singing happen; as I ride out from my neighborhood onto the various routes I enjoy taking from my home in deep South Austin, Texas.

The song ideas cook naturally and the breathing rhythm of the exercise is ideal for singing. These routines – disciplines if you will – support a natural unfolding of my creative life. I practice staying open to what life has to offer and view the various challenges that come my way as developmental opportunities for personal expansion.

I am blessed with a wonderful and wide community of friends along with a loving family that inspire me deeper into the understanding that “we are all in this together, can’t you feel it to the bone…” (from “Woody Brought the Rain” by D. McBride). I ask in each moment that I might be an instrument for peace and part of the expansion of consciousness that will help humanity; that we all may in turn begin to return to blessing the planet.

Onward, in love and peace to all,

Dana McBride



Perfect Fit: Dana McBride

Perfect Fit is the latest CD by Dana McBride

Hey, guess what? Dana has a CD available!

Exciting, isn’t it? Sure it is.

About Dana

Oklahoma born singer/songwriter, artist, and poet, Dana McBride first fell in love with Texas and decided to take up the guitar herself when she was a child living in the Texas panhandle town of Amarillo. “There is something about the strong spirited independence of the Lone Star state coupled with the red dirt of Oklahoma, that just made me want to sing one for myself and everybody else,” she says.

Dana McBride is a great storyteller, a great songwriter, and a national treasure. ~ W. M. David

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New CD: Perfect Fit

This recording was a pleasure to make and a real feeling of accomplishment to have a copy in my hand.

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